About Communications Contractor Fiber Network Services

In 1996, Fiber Network Services (FNS) was founded to provide new build and retrofit coax splicing services for cable system operators.

As the “rebuild” gained momentum in the mid 90’s, so did FNS. The company broadened its scope of services to include System Sweep, Fiber Optic Splicing, Power Supply Installation, Head End Engineering, and OSP Construction.

FNS currently operates primarily with in-house employees with a small amount of subcontract labor to assist when projects ramp up. Our management has established a reputation of being professional and reliable. Our employees are highly trained and focus on continuing education in their field of expertise.

FNS currently holds a Master Construction Agreement with Cox Communications and Comcast Cable in the State of Virginia. We perform all aspects of aerial and underground construction, OSP maintenance, fiber splicing and testing, business fiber installation, fiber relocates, damaged fiber restoration, new node activation, coax splicing, build and activate new power supplies, and power supply preventative maintenance on 1700 supplies yearly.